Crazy Ants Emerge In Southern States As Weather Warms

Jun 30, 2013 … America's ecosystem is under siege as the "crazy ant" invades the South and displaces other species, including the fire ant.

The Pests That Love Falling Leaves fall brings leaf piles in shades of gold and red. In addition to twigs and … Like spiders, these hunters follow where their hunger leads them. Centipedes are … Hi Tony, I live the San Francisco Bay Area and have been raising Milkweed for Monarchs for 3 years now. This year I having a “Milkweed Massacre”,
Bees Causing A Buzz Before Summer Arrives Aug 11, 2016 … … in the midsection and often referred to as the thorax) that cause their wings … On humid days, early in the summer, bumblebees tend to buzz at even … And an individual bee could increase its buzzing frequency by at least 90 hz. …. But Switzer goes further when it

I’m often asked by folks what to do when one finds a cold, wet, or sluggish bee. The good news is that in many cases, you can help! And depending on the bee, you may not just be helping one bee but many, because your bee may be a queen bee.

Time to protect ash trees. BY PAUL HETZLER Cornell Cooperative Extension. Given that the North Country has been alternately either white or brown from mid-November through the first week in April, it is natural that we are hungry to see a bit of green show up in the landscape.

May 19, 2013 … "Tawny crazy ants'" could change ecological balances in parts of the U.S., researchers say, largely because the ants can wipe out colonies of …

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Ant War or Supercolony: New Yellow Crazy Ants Search teams in Cyprus located two suitcases at the bottom of a lake where a detained military officer who allegedly confessed to killing seven…

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The red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), also known as the fire ant or RIFA, is a species of ant native to South America. ….. It can survive the extreme weather of the South American rain forest, and in disturbed areas, nests ….. Nuptial flight in red imported fire ants begins during the warmer seasons of the year (spring and …

Paper Wasp On Brick Potter wasps are the most diverse subfamily of vespids, with almost 200 genera, and contain the vast majority of species in the family (nearly 3000 species from a total of about 4500 in the whole family).The overwhelming morphological diversity of the potter wasp species is reflected in the proliferation of genera described to group them
Carpenter Ant On Ground Subterranean Termites: Photos, Info, & Extermination Subterranean Termites. Facts, Identification & Control. Latin Name. reticulitermes spp., Coptotermes spp. and Heterotermes spp. Western Pest provides termite control services. … picture of an eastern subterranean termite … Infestation of eastern subterranean termites on rotted wood. Inspect Your Home Yearly For Termites If you are in the unfortunate

In the United States, the crazy ant has widespread population from Florida to South Carolina … The colonies may raise sexuals at any time of the year in warmer regions, but in the seasonal climate of north Florida, alate production is apparently limited to the warm rainy … Periodically, a dealate (wingless) queen emerges.