How To Properly Store Holiday Decorations

Nov 16, 2016 … holiday decorations are an essential part of the season, but the … Then pack neatly in a box, keeping any hooks or ribbons on the ends visible …

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"If you take the time to stow decorations properly after the busy holiday season passes, next year will be easier," Schneider says. Keep reading to see how to …

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… of Properly Storing Christmas Ornaments … you need when the next holiday season rolls …

How to Properly Store Christmas Ornaments The Importance of Properly Storing Christmas Ornaments. Whether ornaments are store-bought, homemade, or antique, they should be stored properly to maintain their pristine condition and make them suitable for re-use next year or for passing to others as a gift or donation.

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Christmas Decor Storage Hacks! ? 8 Frugal DIY Ideas When it's time to put everything away, store you holiday decorations with ease. …. Some are made of glass and can break easily if not stored properly.