How To Protect Your Home From Rats

Related Articles. Deprive rats of a place to shelter by keeping your yard and house neat and clean. Keep your lawn mowed and lawn edges trimmed. Remove brush and junk piles, old tires and appliances, and any other trash. Clean out trash and yard debris from underneath porches, decks and stairs.

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How to protect your home against rodents. Once the weather cools down, every mouse and rat tries to find a warmer place with food. Millions of home are infested every year by rodents. These represent a health threat to every home.

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Eliminate ways for rats to climb into your home. • trim tree branches away from your roof and utility lines. • Remove vines, such as ivy, from the walls. • Put metal or plastic sheeting or tree guards around tree trunks or pipes that rats may climb to get into your house. limit access to food and water.

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A full-grown rat can enter your home through a hole about the size of a quarter, and a mouse only needs an opening measuring one-fourth of an inch. Properly seal any openings you find to help prevent rodents from wriggling their way into your house.

How To Protect your Home from Rats, Mice & Rodents -Jonny DIY Almost all homeowners know the feeling of unease that accompanies finding mice or rodents in your home. Whether in the kitchen, attic, basement or dining …

When rats get into the home life gets a little messy. Learn how to protect your home from rats with Terminix rat prevention methods.

How to Protect Your Home from rats seattle ranks among the top U.S. cities for rat sightings. According to the American Housing Survey, rats were spotted in 28,600 Seattle area homes, which translates to 2.1 percent of all homes in the region.

Sep 10, 2017 … Rodents can chew up things at your home, spoil food, spread a number of diseases and … Protect yourself from infestation with these tips.

Jan 29, 2019 … Are you ready for unexpected guests: rats and mice? How do rats and mice enter your home? How can you get rid of rodent in your house?

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