New Mattress Disposal Rule To Curb Bed Bugs

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Dec 3, 2010 … Cities all over the country and the world are trying to deal wit bed bugs. NYC has new rules for dealing with mattresses infested by bed bugs.

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PROPER DISPOSAL OF BED BUG INFESTED HOUSEHOLD ITEMS … Carefully handle all sealed infested items when disposing of them to prevent damage to … By law, all mattresses and box springs must be encased in a sealed plastic bag …

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Jul 31, 2014 … Don't let your bedding infest other homes Bed bugs remain an exceptionally difficult pest to exterminate. … Texas law identifies this insect as a public health nuisance. … They also prevent materials from going to waste.

Mar 20, 2011 … With the NYC Department of Sanitation rules being enforced as of January … bother of wrapping their mattress in plastic before hauling to the curb. … I counted at least 30 adult bed bugs on the outside of this mattress before I got bored. … Within a few months, the new bedding will be just as infested as this …

Bed Bugs. Mattress Recycling Facilities. Permitting a Mattress Recycling Facility … As a result, they often become an illegal dumping problem found on curbs, vacant lots, … The law assesses a fee at the point of sale to finance the program. When a consumer purchases a new mattress, there will be an additional fee charged.